1350W 5L Multifunction Air Fryer


Name: 220V 1350W 5L 80°C -200°C
Color: Black
Size: 30x30x33cm
Voltage: 220V ~ 50Hz
Power: 1350W
Capacity: 5L

● 5L large capacity, suitable for 3-6 people
● 0-30min free timing, set different baking time according to different ingredients
● Rapidly heating, delicious, etc.
● The empty basket is not stained and easy to clean.
● Spiral shaped heating tube, 1350W high power rapidly heating
● 360 ° high-speed hot air circulation Hot air can replace hot oil to reduce oil intake
● Safe and non-toxic, good heat resistance
● High quality non-stick pan liner
Application: French fries, chicken, corn, toast, etc.

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